different pathogens will be isolated and inoculated in healthy oysters to assess the risks of chemical and microbial origin and take further measures to mitigate their impact. Meanwhile, in the Bay of Fangar, the first step can already be made by implanting the transition zone, the first applied to bivalve mollusc crops in Catalonia. Also called buffer or buffer, it is a preventive public health measure proposed in the European guide of good practices. The General Directorate of Maritime Policy and Sustainable Fisheries has already received the map of the area not suitable for bivalves, which may be taken into account when processing new licenses or reorganizing the aquaculture infrastructure polygon. Calculate the behavior of water Behind the map of the

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affected areas, there is a complex hydrodynamic model that Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List scientists from the UPC together with the IRTA have been commissioned to develop. “Before designing solutions, it was essential to understand the physical behavior of the bay and anticipate different contingencies. In this sense, the combined use of “in situ” observations, numerical modeling and the results of the experiment with rhodamine has allowed us to expand the hydrodynamic knowledge of the bay “, says Manel Grifoll , a researcher at the Maritime Engineering Laboratory of the UPC, linked to the Barcelona School of Roads (ETSECCPB) and the Nautical Faculty (FNB). To do this, during the day of the experiment and the next, the dispersion of the rhodamine stain was monitored using fluorimeters and the directions and speeds on the surface were measured from Lagrangian derivatives. This

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information, triangulated with previous knowledge about water circulation in the Delta, allowed obtaining a high-resolution three-dimensional numerical model capable of simulating the behavior of irrigation water currents in different wind conditions. Everything has made it possible to systematize a methodology that had already been tested in the neighboring bay of Alfacs. In 2019, rhodamine was used to trace the dispersion and diffusion of the wastewater discharged by the Sant Carles de la Rapita treatment plant, within the framework of the European SEAFOODTOMORROW project, participated by IRTA. “At El Fangar we have applied a methodology to chemical contamination that was initially proposed to define transition zones due to

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