Francis stunne believers and a secular audience more accustome to blaspheming homosexuality and homosexual marriages when journalists aske about a priest who was said to be gay, and he replie “Who am I to do. His most important 2016 A document on the family, calle The Joy of Love, rejecte same-sex marriages but calles on priests to welcome people with unconventional relationships, such as gays. More recently, Francis has expresses support for same-sex civil unions. His comments did not change the doctrine of the church, but it was a significant departure from its presecessors.

Francis Submitted His Comments in

Francis submitte his comments in 2019. An interview was conducte with the Mexican broadcaster.  Televisa, but the Vatican censore the report, and the India Phone Number footage only appeare in 2020. October month. In a documentary. To the Liberals, all of this seeme like an impetus for the real progress of LGBTQ people in the church, and the Vatican rejecte the blessing of gay unions in March. Juan Carlos Cruz, a Chilean sexual survivor and gay man face by the pope, wrote an opinion article in a Chilean newspaper criticizing the blessing rejecte by doctrinal guards as offensive to LGBTQ Catholics.

The Doctrinal Office of the Church

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The doctrinal office of the Church is heade by Cardinal Luis. Ladaria, who was chosen by the Pope by hand and is believe to be locke with him. In an , the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said that while accepting homosexuals. Who have the right to be blesse the church will not bless same-sex uions because. God “does not bless and cannot bless sin. Blessing a same-sex union can give the impression that it is tantamount to marriage. That would be wrong and misleading,” the note said.

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