Perhaps you feel identified with this situation: You arrive at the office in the morning . Prepare all the tasks you have to do for that day and at the end of your day you have not managed to complete all of them. In those moments you think that your personal productivity does not meet the Netherlands phone number that you had set from the beginning . And you wonder how you could achieve better results . Especially to make better use of time and avoid the dreaded procrastination . Before giving the solutions to your problem . We would like to recommend a free guide on CRM Systems .

Which will be very useful if you are interested in increasing the general productivity of the company you work for . Improving the management of potential and current clients. As we said . In order to improve your personal performance and prevent your work from piling up and Netherlands phone number feeling frustrated . We have selected the 4 best productivity techniques with which you will be able to perform a greater number of tasks and at the end of the day you will feel that You have used all the time you had. 1| Pomodoro Technique This technique consists of concentrating for 25 minutes in a row without any distraction .

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Then you can take a 5-minute break. Once you have completed 4 pomodoros of work . Or what is the same 100 minutes of time . You can take a break . But this time for 15 minutes . Which will give you more freedom to perform other functions away from the computer. This technique can be useful for: Find out how long it takes you to perform an activity . You can measure it with pomodoros. You must Netherlands phone number the time pomodoros and avoid getting distracted. If you need to give up the task for a few minutes . Write down how many times you have had to do it.

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Organize the time according to the task you have to perform. If it is a complex task . The number of pomodoros used may be greater. Tip: To control the time of pomodoros and breaks . You can use an alarm on your mobile device or . If you prefer . There are apps that help you keep track of time . Such as Netherlands phone number Timer. This application works as a stopwatch that will allow you to count the pomodoros by activating them. You can also look at the screen to see how much time you have left before the pomodoro ends and the break begins.

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GTD technique Its acronym stands for Getting Things Done. This technique can be very useful to develop a certain number of tasks throughout the day that can reach us through different channels . Either by phone . Mail… The GTD technique is based on 5 steps: The first of them would be the Netherlands phone number step : There are several means by which the different tasks that we must carry out reach us. These tasks arrive through different inboxes . As we have said . Therefore it is very important to have them identified . Since they will allow us to collect all the tasks and information that we receive. To work satisfactorily we must have a number of inboxes that we can cover.

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