It is important that this page offers what the visitor is looking for in order to complete a conversion. Important pillars to assess the success of this page are: bounce rate. Check your most important landing pages to see how large the Belize WhatsApp Number List percentage of visitors is that come to your site and leave without taking any kind of action. When you notice that your bounce rate is high, this has direct consequences for your conversions. Your visitors simply aren’t finding what they hoped to find when they landed on your landing page. Number of pages per session. Depending on what type of website you have.

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Pages per session’ indicates how many pages a user viewed during his or her visit before leaving the site. Assuming your site has conversion goals, it can say a lot if your site has few pages per session. That probably means that the user didn’t find what he or she was looking for, and certainly no conversion at all. Funnel View An ideal way to find out why conversion is lagging is by using the so-called funnel view. With a funnel view you visualize the steps that the visitor must take to achieve a conversion. Suppose you have a webshop, the funnel could contain all the steps that the visitor must go through until completion.

Belize WhatsApp Number List

For The Landing

Example An example of such a funnel view ( funnel ) can be found below. The funnel in this case starts with everyone who puts a product in the shopping cart. From there you can nicely see how many people proceed to the next step(s). The funnel view therefore gives you many useful insights into which step visitors drop out at. And with that information you can get started to improve that page/step, so that more visitors go to your set goal. You can create the funnel yourself when you set a goal. Here you can see the steps you want to see in your funnel.

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