After having studied the anatomy of the precuneus in adult humans and chimpanzees, its shape, its position and the extent of its surface, Emiliano Bruner and Sofia Pereira Pedro, from the Paleoneurology group of the National Center for Research on Human Evolution ( CENIEH), have just published in the Annals of Anatomy a new article on the morphology of this area of ​​the parietal cortex. This is an analysis of the lateral extension of the precuneus in adult humans, and a description of its main folds. This analysis has provided data on the size of this deep parietal area, the shape of its convolutions, the differences between individuals, between sexes and between hemispheres. It has also been evaluated with spatial models if Austria Email List the shape and extension of these internal grooves externally affect the geometry of the brain,

concluding that “the size of the precuneus can influence the brain shape, but the internal variation of its folds does not seem to produce secondary changes. from the surface of the crust ”, points out Emiliano Bruner. The results suggest that at the paleoneurological level, that is, at the level of the brain shape in fossils, it is possible to indirectly detect variations in the general size of some areas of the deep cortex (such as the precuneus or the intraparietal sulcus), thanks to the effects on the spatial organization of the brain, “but you probably can’t detect more subtle changes in its internal proportions and grooves,” says Bruner. These areas are highly variable between individuals, and are suspected of having undergone major anatomical changes throughout human evolution.

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They are also involved in different pathologies (including Alzheimer’s disease), and information about their size and the organization of their folds may have applied interest in see if there is a relationship between the odors of each individual and their genetics, specifically the Principal Histocompatibility Complex,” says the CREAF researcher. And he adds that “the MHC is the fashionable gene in research regarding the immune response in vertebrates. This complex influences natural selection, Although the dominant male is the one who reproduces the most, female litters can have cubs from different parents at the same time and it has not been observed that there are differences in the rearing of the young ones. In fact, Mariona Ferrandiz explains that “in a previous study it was seen

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