And of course Nationale-Nederlanden and Vodafone do not share. This data with others in any way. Reverse The market is very wary of all privacy-sensitive solutions. There is also concern that these types of personal tracking solutions will not China WhatsApp Number List make certain groups ‘uninsurable. Think of someone who is terminally ill, or worse, who according to an algorithm will become very likely. Distinguish According to critics, a distinction should be made between health-relate insurance an other non-life insurance. In healthcare, this is regulate by the government in the Netherlands.

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So why do our contributors write so little when it comes to compromising on the temptation to promote free content, Heidi Grant Salesperson has the answer : There is a prejudice we call the phantom of transparency, which again is almost entirely universal. And it’s that we all tend to think our intentions and thoughts are clearer to others than they actually are. As copywriters, our line of thinking is this: Because we understand the value behind the headline, introduction copy, three bullet points, and call to action, we assume our visitors have the same knowledge.

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Few Years Now

This can seriously damage the image of the insurer in question – with all the associated consequences for the long term. Cost reduction or increase? IoT solutions for insurers remain a thorny issue. Especially as insurers try to strike. A balance between the benefits for their customers and commercial profit. Insurers use their customers to collect data and perform analysis based on it. The give and take in this relationship cannot be based solely on the use of personal data regulated in part by the GDPR.

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