Companies are obsessed with sales as a scale that indicates the success or failure of the marketing activity. This impacts how things are done and, above all, what elements are favored or not in the strategy. Marketers end up focusing excessively on the short term, because this is what allows them to survive the demands of their bosses. Companies reward the immediate. This is a mistake. Marketers know this, although there is little they can do to stop it. Usually, the reason why this is a mistake is due to the need to create a certain coherence of the brand,

Change the Language: Future Demand Mortgage Future Sales.

To lay foundations and to work to achieve greater recognition of the brand and its products. The companies that survive and have long lives in the market do so by betting on a strategy that also takes care of the long term. But, in addition, marketers could talk to their sales managers. Company UK Phone Number List managers are obsessed with sales numbers and short-term strategies  Doing this work also makes it possible to avoid one of the issues that torments company directors, the fear of reaching what is considered to be the demand ceiling. Reaching that moment in which the maximum possible market has been reached is a burden for companies.

Marketers Should Change the Language They Use and Integrate

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Perhaps, for this reason,  the idea of ​​”future demand”. That is what an analysis of Warc points out, which addresses how the construction of a brand image is essential to maintain the flow of sales. For this reason, the work of building a brand can be presented as one of creating that future demand. As they point out in the study, economic volatility. And digitization has made everything too oriented. Towards performance marketing. In addition, you are not selling now. But you are assuring yourself of the possibility of that happening tomorrow. Work the long term.

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