Since there are a wide variety of strategies to carry out. Social networks are another point in your favor . Do not let them pass you by. You have to try it with great enthusiasm . In case it doesn’t work . Make a plan B . With which you can resurface from the previous failure. Note: all these tips are applicable Uae phone number any risk of losing customers . Or not getting more profit . But be careful . You should never saturate consumers . The experience has to be short and clear at the time of purchase . But a long relationship. Your website is no longer of quality. To date .

The Google search engine had given priority in the ranking of results to the content of the web pages that were in the desktop version . Despite the fact that the vast majority carry out searches from their mobile phones. From now on . Value will be given to pages that are optimized in UAE phone number mobile version . So companies will have to be attentive to this new algorithm if they want to obtain a good SEO positioning and achieve the long-awaited first positions. From the Google results page. Start here We detail the first steps you can take to improve the website.

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Check if the website is optimized for mobile use by running this test . More help to know how to optimize your website according to the software with which it was created. [Request a free evaluation of the state of your company’s digital marketing. Find out how you’re doing] How to optimize the Uae phone number with Google changes Once you have checked if the website is mobile optimized it is time to take action. Check the following points: Mobile Responsiveness: If the responsive module is indexed for mobile responsive then there may be nothing else to update .

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If not you will need to decide if your mobile website you want to be mobile responsive . Adaptive or mobile friendly . Mobile site configuration: You should keep in mind that if the added value of your website is different between desktop and mobile . You will have to make some changes to Uae phone number them go hand in hand. Data test structuring: you have to run a data test for both urls and compare their output. Adjust the errors present and avoid any addition of codes that are not necessary. Googlebots: do a txt test to confirm that the mobile version of your website is accessible to the Googlebot.

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Indexing in this case is key. Check in the console search . If only the “desktop version” of your site has been verified . You will need to verify the mobile version as well. Construction of a Uae phone number site: It is absolutely necessary that if you are building a mobile website . Do not launch it without being finished . Complete it until it is of a sufficient quality level. If you have any specific questions . You can consult them with Google Webmasters . Google is working on improving this update . So stay tuned for new news . We help you stay up to date.

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