You’re not sure how much time and money you should spend on increasing and keeping your fan base. You want to measure the organic results of your Facebook marketing. You want to see if your content is reaching the right audience. Did you know that you can see cumulative data on your audience from your Facebook page, your website (with a little help from the Facebook Pixel), your Instagram account as well as your mobile app? All you have to do is to implement the Facebook Pixel and then get into Facebook Analytics. This video explains what Facebook Pixel is and how to use it: Now, do you want to see how many mobile app users visited your web page?

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Already have a Business Manager account set up, you’ll be redirected to the Analytics section in your account. If you don’t have one yet, you can launch the UK Phone Number demo version to see how it works. Pick the sources you want to group. You can choose from the assets you’ve already connected under one Business Manager account. Assets like your Facebook page, mobile application, Instagram account, website, etc. Click on Create Group and you’ll be in the dashboard, where you can analyze and cross your audience however you like. Facebook Analytics dashboard And now, when Facebook Analytics is set up and we’re inside the dashboard, let’s complete our initial quest.


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UK Phone Number List

Facebook fans purchased something from me, I can filter “People who use Page on the bar above and go to the “Revenue” section from the left panel. Check if your fans buy from you And that’s it. Here I’ll see only purchases and other conversions from my Facebook fans. Easy! Want to find out how many of your Instagram or Facebook followers visited your website? No problem! And finally, how many of your fans are your customers? Let’s do it. To see this information in your own account, you just need to make sure they’re already implemented (I mean conversions, not fans of course). If you don’t see the conversion data I suggest taking a step back and watching a video above. The good news is you can filter by language and region of your mentions.

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