What can you do with this information? For example, you can choose to allocate more budget for exact match keywords at the expense of your broad match keywords. In addition, you can of course use the broad match keywords typed in to add more Vietnam WhatsApp Number List exact match keywords to your campaigns. This way you can optimize your targeting strategy step by step. Where can you find the above report? Via Acquisition Google Ads searches. Then you choose match type for searches as the primary dimension. The total target value can be found by selecting all targets on the right.

The Phased Customer Journey

Determine the impact of your landing pages In addition to the success of your targeting strategy, you also want to be able to determine the impact of your landing pages. Which landing pages contribute the most to the conversion? Which landing pages are eligible for optimization? Example: A customer only used 1 landing page for the Google Ads campaigns. To improve the results, we have created specific landing pages for the non-branded and branded campaigns. Which landing pages stand out positively? branded non branded google analytics.

Vietnam WhatsApp Number List

Phased Customer Journey

Landing pages 1 to 3 have almost the same page value, while landing page 4 stands out in a positive way. It’s a shame, of course, that this is responsible for fewer page views than landing page 1 and 2. What can you do with this information? For example, you can use the layout of landing page 4 to optimize the structure of landing pages 1 and 2. Where can you find this landing page report? Via Acquisition Google Ads Final URLs. Additional tip: use the intelligence notifications about your underperforming campaigns and or landing pages! intelligence google analytics Google Ads evaluation practical exercise.

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