In the fictional autobiography “Report to Greece”, the famous Greek writer Nicosia Kazantzakis describes how his grandfather walked at night, walking through the dark alleys of Crete, with a lantern in his hand, searching for people wandering the streets who are not going to spend the night. He would bring them home, feed them, and offer them sleep. I have experienced several manifestations of this hospitality on my travels. For the past five years, I have been visiting Tetralofo, a small village of about 300 people in northern Greece to document the traditional New Year celebrations known as Kotsamania.

I Have Experienced Several

Kotsamania is a theatrical ritual performe every Christmas by local men who visit their Azerbaijan Phone Number homes for prosperity, abundance and happiness for years to come. The entire community participates in festivities that include street theater, dancing and playing traditional instruments. On one occasion, when I was admitte to the cultural club, the residents of Tetralofo came every day to bring me home-cooke meals. Others — people I had never met — offere to take me into their homes. I felt at home.

Manifestations of This Hospitality

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Of course many of the traditional events throughout Greece are a revival of old customs, done. Moreover to help the local economy attract tourists and attention. Often, such events feel kitschy and, in a sense, unauthentic. Others, such as Kotsamania, have survive without distortion and are performe as real, integral parts of the community. After all, my work tries to highlight the following customs: to present vivid, complex images. Together with of endangere traditions and to help us avoid the pitfalls of monotony in our modern lives.

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