What do you focus on in terms of marketing and website optimization? My experience is that for a director you should mainly use strategic KPIs instead of operational ones. Your director will in particular want to know what the marketing Spain WhatsApp Number List and website activities actually yield! Insightful dashboard for your director Now we are going to use these website KPIs in a dashboard for your director. How can you best tackle this? My advice is to first determine the questions to which your director wants an answer. Here are some sample questions: Which channels have a large supportive contribution.

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How do the Google Ads campaigns compare to Email and SEO? What do the Facebook campaigns deliver aimed at the applications? How do the conversion steps % in cart & conversion checkout score compared to the target? These are sample questions from one webshop. My advice is to think critically about the questions you want answered in your dashboard. Please discuss this with your director. Additional tip to this: try to have a maximum of 4 questions answered in your dashboard. This way you keep the attention on the really important things in your dashboard.

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Getting started with the strategic dashboard Next, we’ll get started with the strategystrategic dashboard. In this case I have chosen 2 tabs: Acquisition & marketing results Conversion steps The view below is an example of the tab ‘Acquisition & marketing results’: You can see that the KPIs in the dashboard are broken down by channel. This way you can determine the impact of your most important channels. You can also see that I have linked objectives to this dashboard. Without objectives, it is difficult to determine whether a KPI has been successful.

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