But often it is not such a party Every ‘on-off’ has its drawbacks In. The vast majority of cases, gamification is not embraced as a strategy, but approached as one tool with which you solve one problem. These ‘ on offs ‘ can be absolutely successful, but come with some major drawbacks. First of all, there is almost always too little time and money to make a Austria WhatsApp Number List real impact. After all, the project group has to make do with a fixed budget and the project is not supported throughout the organization, so that any additional development costs are excluded.

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As a result, expectations often do not match the result, so that there is no follow-up and the pilot remains moderately successful. If the expectations do match the result and the company wants to deploy the project more widely, we encounter the following problem: upscaling is expensive. After all, the concept was conceiv for one application and is difficult to scale. Willem-Jan Renger (gamification teacher at HKU) has given ‘this scaling-up problem’ a name and also comes up with a solution. Solve the ‘Medieval Bible Problem.

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Renger doesn’t fall on deaf ears when he outlines how gamification designers and companies tend to create unique, tailor-made solutions. Just like handwritten medieval bibles. It’s a wonderful product, but if you have to scale up one handwritten Medieval Bible to a thousand within a realistic time, you need a lot of monks. Or, in the case of gamification, lots and lots of smart programmers. And they cost money. Renger therefore encourages companies to look for all the breadth in the briefing. If it works, what else would you want to use it for? He challenges gamification designers not to think in ‘tools’ but in ‘templates.

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