It can read Google Tag Manager and forward it to Analytics. If it isn’t (or isn’t properly) implemented on the thank you page, Analytics won’t measure purchases. This is basically all your web builder should do for you. So it doesn’t work or doesn’t work well? Ring the bell! Two things need to be in order in Google Tag Manager before Google Tag Manager Belgium WhatsApp Number List can translate the information from the data layer into concrete information in Google Analytics. Has a Tag been created that ensures that the information is sent to Google Analytics? Check this. Isn’t that the case.

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Then that is the reason why no conversion is measured in Google Analytics. Is there a Tag? That must be another trigger that causes the Tag to be ‘fired’. Actually very logical, because there has to be a certain moment when the Tag is loaded to Google Analytics. The trigger is very likely that when the thank you page loads, the tag is allowed to be fired at Google Analytics. Note: Not unimportant in the explanation about the data layer is the place where it is loaded. Depending on whether it is loaded before or after the Google Tag Manager script, the trigger builds.

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The above may all sound a bit technical, but they are all points that can be checked to make sure that the tracking is in order. Time for fun! Okay, all the conditions to measure are present, now the ‘fun(er)’ part to find out why you see little or no conversion coming in. Assuming that you use Google Analytics to view your website performance, it is important that you actually see all the necessary (conversion) data in Analytics. But what should you look at to find out the cause of the conversion lag? Landing pages This is the page that the visitor lands on when they land on your site through a certain channel.

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