benefits from what the bacteria do not want and together they become more efficient. This study, published in the journal Biosource Technology , thus demonstrates the potential of the combination between algae and bacteria and opens the doors to a transfer to the industry since the added sugars for the fermentation of bacteria in the laboratory can be transferred to waste in the real world. In other words, this consortium of algae and bacteria could use industrial waste and polluted water to produce hydrogen as well as decontaminate. The combination of bioremediation (decontamination of the environment with microorganisms) and production of hydrogen to be used as biofuel would close the circle of sustainability in an increasingly

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present society.temperatures. In fauna, the most Pitcairn Email Lists common response to climate change is a phenological change in biological events such as hibernation, reproduction or migration. Changes in body size and mass and other morphological features have also generally been associated with climate change. However, as this study now confirms, they do not show a systematic pattern. After reviewing the existing scientific literature, the researchers evaluated whether the changes in the observed traits were associated with longer survival or an increase in the number of offspring. A combination of meta-analysis techniques and selection analysis on phenotype traits showed that “there is a consistent selection towards earlier reproduction, which is not an

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adaptive advantage.” An incomplete adaptive response “Our work has focused on birds because data in other groups was scarce. We show that, in temperate regions, rising temperatures are associated with variations in the chronology of biological events. Specifically, these events are advanced in time ”, indicates the first signatory of the work, the researcher Viktoriia Radchuk, from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Germany). “The existence of an incomplete adaptive response such as the one detected suggests that global change is seriously threatening the persistence of the species,” says CSIC researcher Jesús Miguel Avilés, from the Arid Zones Experimental Station , who participated in the study. Even more

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