microorganisms play an important role in the changes produced on the recycling of nutrients, while detritivores are the main responsible for the effects on decomposition and production of fine organic matter. The results of this and other studies carried out by the River Ecology Group of the UPV / EHU “help us to predict how different environmental changes that are happening today can affect the health of rivers, thus affecting good quality water, to fish resources, natural places of great aesthetic value… ”, states Luz Boyero.The bluefin tuna of the Atlantic is an important fishing resource, which until recently has been seriously over – exploited and is still threatened by overfishing and illegal trafficking . New research has made it possible to

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develop an accurate, cost-effective and Macedonia Email Lists non-invasive tool for tracing the genetic origin of tunas. This is stated by the head of the study, Naiara Rodríguez Ezpeleta, from AZTI . The developed system makes it possible to improve the assessment of bluefin tuna populations, since it allows determining the origin of the specimens that are fished regardless of the place where the capture takes place. Knowing how much of each stock is caught is an essential requirement to be able to effectively assess and manage stocks At present, two populations of bluefin tuna coexist in the Atlantic: specimens from the east, which are born in the Mediterranean and return there for their reproduction, and those from the west, which are born in the Gulf of Mexico and also

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return to their home zone. origin for spawning. This second population is less abundant and demands greater protection. Despite being genetically different populations, their external appearance is identical. For this reason, having genetic tools that allow knowing the origin of each specimen is key to improving the management of bluefin tuna stocks, optimizing the results of the management measures adopted and defining fishing quotas more precisely, which do not affect the the same way to eastern and western tunas. “Knowing how much of each stock is caught is an essential requirement to be able to effectively assess and manage stocks. Until now it was not possible, but with this new tool it is, since it is possible to determine the origin of the tuna

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