selected from all those available in the scientific literature. The purpose of these examples is to facilitate a global understanding of the evolutionary and developmental mechanisms that have generated all the current diversity of animals, including humans, from that shared toolbox. It is, therefore, a journey to our embryological and evolutionary origins, a scientific approach to the old questions: where do we come from? and how did we get here? The Catàlisi de Edicions collection of the University of Barcelona is an editorial initiative aimed at exposing, in an informative and at the same time rigorous way, a wide range of current science issues raised by researchers who bring scientific knowledge closer to society. The main objective of this collection is to promote access to scientific culture by specialist and non-specialist public, since science

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has a fundamental impact on all aspects of Comoros Email List our lives: from the most everyday objects to the way of seeing and understanding the world. From this point of view, Catàlisi is a benchmark in the socialization of knowledge and in the task of making the research carried out in the university world available to society, Starting in 2007, this collection has published around twenty titles, some of which are in both Catalan and Spanish, and a good part is available in electronic books. With a diverse theme and the desire to deal with the most current issues, these works have generated a fruitful debate both among the scientific community and in public opinion. It should be noted that one of the latest titles, La ciència en la Letras , by Xavier Duran, has been awarded the Serra d’Or Critical Award in the Research category (Other Sciences), and that the author of La saviesa combined,

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the Professor of the UB and president of the Institute of Catalan Studies, Joandomènec Ros, has been awarded this year with the Cross of Sant Jordi. Jordi Garcia Fernàndez (Barcelona, ​​1963), doctor in Biology, is professor of Genetics at the University of Barcelona, ​​where he directs the Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Statistics. He has been a researcher at the University of Oxford and is an honorary professor at Merton College. Author of more than a hundred articles, some of which have been published in scientific journals of maximum impact, such as Nature, he has received the Distinction of the Generalitat of Catalonia for the Promotion of University Research which is awarded to young researchers and the ICREA Prize Academy of the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies. A pioneer of evo-devo in Spain,

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