engineering problems,” he concludes. After the integration and testing phase and with the qualification of “suitable for flight”, UPMSat-2 has been presented in a ceremony that was attended by the acting Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque. The minister highlighted the work carried out, which will allow the execution of experiments in orbit with interest for the space industry, and the educational value of the project, since it has involved many students and doctoral candidates for its development. In this sense, Duque has highlighted the importance of the Spanish aerospace sector, which has a high training capacity and an industry that is a world reference in the field of satellite navigation systems. For the rector of the UPM,

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Guillermo Cisneros, UPMSat-2 is “an example French Guiana Email List of the projects that start from the UPM aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the United Nations Charter for the 2030 Agenda. The payload of the satellite will make it possible to determine advances in research in multiple multidisciplinary fields, carried out in a collaborative environment with Industry and placing emphasis on the application of real engineering to improve the training of our students. We are proud to be a public university that has already built and is going to launch and operate its second satellite ”. The second of the objectives of UPMSat-2 is the technological demonstration in orbit, that is, to verify that the equipment it houses works as planned.

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This may be the first step for companies in the aerospace industry to commercialize their innovations, after qualifying them in orbit. The mission experiments are: behavior of a newly developed miniaturized thermal switch, proposed by IberEspacio; Testing of a High Sensitivity Experimental Magnetometer, Bartington; avionics in flight qualification (E-BOX), developed by Tecnobit; monitoring of the effects of radiation on board, proposed by Tecnobit and STRAST; demonstration of the operation of a miniature reaction wheel for attitude control, from the company SSBV; development of a new low-cost solar sensor; thermal control experiments and attitude control experiments based on the Earth’s magnetic field, the latter all of interest to the IDR.

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