Europeans, that is, on prehistoric Iberians, was minor and late, starting from the Bronze Age. This confirms that Iberia’s genetic history was unique, as it has been influenced for the most part by the first prehistoric migration associated with the introduction of agricultural practices – the Neolithic Revolution. “It is throughout the Bronze Age when there was a contribution of the Central European population to the Iberian Peninsula, which also brought with it new ideas and knowledge, that is, a new culture. This migration possibly also included the first Indo-European languages. The archaeological remains from the Bronze Age of the El Portalón site, in the Sierra de Atapuerca, also seem to point to this Central European influence, ”says Eneko Iriarte, a geologist at the University of Burgos and co-author of the article. A homogeneous diet in Iberian farmers

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The authors have also investigated the diet San Marino Email List of these Neolithic farmers over almost 4,000 years, corroborating that despite the significant biological interaction between different cultural groups, the agricultural economy prevailed and prevailed from the beginning with continuity over time. . Molecular archaeologist Colin Smith of La Trobe University, another of the authors, explains: “Interestingly, although over time we see a significant genetic influence of local hunter-gatherer ancestors on immigrant farmers, the diet of these early farmers did not It changes. Their terrestrial diet is characteristic of peasant cultures and persists temporally and geographically over millennia. ” This study illustrates the great potential of interdisciplinary research to understand the full complexity of European prehistory. “In general, the results of the work emphasize the differences between the

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westernmost populations and their Central European equivalents, and underline the need for more detailed regional studies that increasingly reveal the complexity of prehistoric migrations” concludes Dr. Valdiosera.Andrés immediately realized that our model was a trade off, an evolutionary exchange, and together we perfected it. Enric solidified the thermal model after the trade off, Scientists propose a compromise between passive caloric dissipation and minimal energy expenditure for cell maintenance as a solution. Not all the energy that an organism consumes is transformed into heat, some is used for cell division, synthesizing proteins … that is, to make the organism function and maintain. If all the energy consumed were transformed into heat, in effect the consumption would respond to a 2/3 exponent, but then we would not speak of an organism but of a stove.

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