has coordinated the IAEA Project for Latin America. The deep knowledge of this expert in fascioliasis in Uruguay has been key. In Uruguay, the information available on cattle and their history is far superior to other countries in America. “This knowledge base and the contributions of Gayo and more Uruguayan experts have been crucial for a study whose results show that there is no serious risk of human infection and that the main vector in the country is different from what had always been thought”, points Mas-Coma. “Despite having been working on this disease for more than 25 years in Bolivia, Peru and other Andean countries, it has been a non-Andean country like Uruguay that has allowed such significant progress for the whole of America. Here is a beautiful example of the importance of international scientific collaboration and also of the so-called south-south collaboration ”,

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completes the professor of Parasitology at the Kenya Email List University of Valencia. both in the open field and in greenhouses. In the latter, investigations are more controlled, because unforeseen external agents, such as rain or wind, do not intervene. In addition, they have been able to verify how many pollen donors can fertilize the seeds and what are the levels of inbreeding, biparental inbreeding and correlated paternity in a given plant. For the genetic analysis, the experts randomly selected 16 seeds for each maternal plant and used 18 parents, calculating the possible levels of genetic diversity. After sowing 720 units in the greenhouse and 1080 in the open field, they observed the germination and proliferation of the children. To find out the origin of fertilization, they studied the genes obtained through microsatellite markers, a method of studying DNA with which they confirm alleles,

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parts of the genes that contain the information that distinguishes a specific individual and that each parent contributes in the formation of chromosomes. For this, they took as reference 57 alleles in myrtle and 40 in mastic. The published article is part of the results of the projects’ Pollen flow in fragmented plant populations: the role of landscape structure and pollination systems’ and ‘Connecting Seed Rain and Gene Rain: Spatio-Temporal Effects of Fragmentation and Frugivory ‘financed by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.The study published in Plos One, “Squamation and ecology of thecodonts”, also provides information that may be valuable in conservation policies of certain current shark species, whose ecology is unknown, such as sharks that live at great depths, observed rarely in their natural habitat and known only from captures.

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