susceptible to infection. ” “Our model also shows that female resistance is a key element in this battle,” says Cardona. “It means that we must rethink the factors involved in population growth in the Paleolithic, which will be key to understanding how both MtbC and humans have survived. We also need to know more about why women are more resistant to TB, not just to shed light on how our species has evolved, but also because it is vital in the current fight to curb TB, still a deadly and debilitating disease today. ” Data and modeling to draw our history This study was carried out at the Center for Comparative Medicine and Bioimaging (CMCiB-IGTP), together with the UPC using a mathematical model. The team designed a mathematical

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compartmentalized model (TBOREX: TB, Swaziland Email List Origin and Sex) based on five differential equations to describe the dynamics of MtbC infections in the population. It allows researchers to model a standard scenario of a group of people that includes an infected person. Different factors can be included and changed to show how they affect population dynamics over time. This research model has been used to study how ancient and modern strains of tuberculosis interacted, Cardona highlights the importance of these new research techniques. “It is an important part of the work at the CMCiB; using so-called in silico , or computational techniques , to use existing data from experiments to make new discoveries. In this case, we have new information about our

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past, but also about how we can better defend against one of the most important threats to humanity in the modern age. ” The study is part of a project with the support of the “la Caixa” Foundation that promotes new experimental methods that reduce or eliminate the need for experimentation with animals (LCF / PR / GN16 / 10290002). “In this case, we have built a new in silico model to study infectious diseases “, adds Cardona.The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, of which the University of the Balearic Islands is a part, and the Virgo Collaboration announce the GW190425 event, the first detection of gravitational waves of the third period of observation, O3. On April 25, 2019, the gravitational wave (GW) detector network made up of the two Advanced

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