Earlier this year, a search of why Google was banned in China returned a box of facts gathered from the nationalist state-run tabloid The Global Times, noting that Google had voluntarily left the country to rule that Chinese laws did not comply with so-called democratic standards. values ​​’. The box does not mention the cyber attack that the company cited as an immediate reason to shut down the search engine in China. It is also not mentioned that most Google services are widely blocked on the Chinese Internet.

Google Is Also Unreliable When

The search “Is Google lying to you?” Creates a fact box with the answer: “Google doesn’t Guatemala Phone Number answer questions and therefore doesn’t lie.” This is an that quotes a businessman accusing a company of stealing content and putting it directly on his website. The quote in the article was used as a sarcastic reference to the first result of. The search query, “Is Google ever lying. Kannada, the language that has been said to be India’s ugliest in the Google Fact Box, is part of the Dravidian language, which is native to southern India and has been around for thousands of years.

Snafu Was Not the First Time This

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Guatemala Phone Number List

Snafu was not the first time this week that Canadian-speaking people claimed their language was disrespectful. Karnataka has inspired many novels and short stories by RK Narayano, one of India’s most famous novelists. In the 1980s, a popular adaptation of his work was made in. Hindi, the most common language in the country, with Kannada subtitles. Although Mr Narayan wrote in English, some critics the adaptation. Had to be done in Kannada or at least duplicated into it. It could very well have been duplicated when it was done,” he said. Written by critic Prathibha Nandakumar. “Why wasn’t that thought of

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