If you combine this with the content, the nature, length and tone of the messages, this behavior can be recognized well. You can machine recognize images and photos on adult content and also see how people react in a group. Law & Brazil WhatsApp Number List technology For example, you can recognize behavior that may indicate bullying, sexually transgressive behavior or abuse of a place in the hierarchy. The technology visualizes organizational health, sounds the alarm in the event of potential calamities and can, if desired, tell you exactly what the exceedance.

Usually Through E-commerce Tracking

But how specific do we want the technology to be and what does the law say about it? In the GDPR violence, many organizations and CISOs (security and compliance officers) will quickly refer to privacy issues. Beginning of the complexity An what do you do if this behavior is recognize on the basis of analysis? There are still no certainties. How to deal with it is something we are not yet well acquainted with. Do you approach the manager. Of the person whose suspicious behavior was measure? Or the manager of the person who may have undergone behavior? Or just one of the two people in question.

Brazil WhatsApp Number List

Through E-commerce Tracking

Will they be honest about what’s going on? After all, there is no proof and the individuals in question may not want to comment on it. And what do you do if the manager is the one who measured signals for potentially unwanted behavior? I am curious about your ideas. I mainly know what is technically possible, what we have already made possible ourselves. privacy vs. safety, the eternal trade-off A second point that you can debate is the aforementioned privacy. To do these analyses, you have to look at communication. Mechanically, yes. You can choose not to save any content.

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