You depend on paid advertising Finally, it is important that you take into account that, although paid advertising on sites like Google or Facebook can be a great ally for your business, you cannot depend exclusively on it. Unlike ads, inbound strategies depend on content and organic traffic attraction, and they have the advantage of being cumulative, that is, the quality content you create for your site will continue to help you get customers without need for you to pay for it again month after month. At Xarvis we are fans of novelty, which is why we help companies implement marketing strategies that are state of the art in automated technology, artificial intelligence and data analytics. Get in touch with us and discover everything we can do for you.

Learn about five ways it can help you generate more and better customers and don’t fall behind the competition. June 20, 2019Uploaded by Miguel Angel Narvaez CamachoPosted in Marketing Automationviewed 888 times 5 Ways to Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Grow Your Business “Artificial intelligence” (AI) is a term that a few years ago sounded like science fiction, but nowadays it becomes more everyday to us. Thousands of people are already using AIs in their searches and daily activities, and behind these tools there are hundreds of companies developing and taking advantage of the possibilities offered by this incredible technology.

The Artificial Intelligence Of A Chatbot

Artificial intelligence is not just for Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List companies. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses or SMEs can also benefit a lot from adopting it. Here are 5 ways an AI can help you grow. Streamline customer service 60% of customers who abandon a brand or service do. So due to an issue related to the absence or poor quality of customer service. Many times this problem derives from the lack of personnel. Or the saturation of requests for attention. The artificial intelligence of a chatbot or virtual assistant. On the other hand, is available 24/7 to.

Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List

Solve doubts and problems of users Provide immediate information. To potential customers Guide the user in the purchase process. And order tracking Make reservations and set reminders or alerts. In addition, chatbots can currently be linked directly with management systems. Such as CRMs, marketing platforms and instant messaging services. Such as WhatsApp and Facebook, so we can serve the user from applications. That they use every day, and collect information from the chatbot directly. In our sales system. Make better business decisions Artificial intelligence is not only a good ally. To serve customers when all our operators are busy; it goes much further.

Automate The First Phases Of Recruitment

Actually, it can also become an accurate tool for making better business decisions through powerful data analytics. For example, artificial intelligence can help predict customer behavior based on time patterns, leading to better inventory management or product design decisions. You can also analyze the behavior of users on a website to draw conclusions to improve the user experience . And selection With the new artificial intelligences, it is already possible to almost completely automate the first stages of a recruitment process, so that the flesh and blood specialist only has to worry about evaluating the already qualified profiles that the system throws at him. This saves a lot of time and money.



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