The support irrigation achieves that the other three agronomic practices improve their results. According to the study data, in dry years, irrigation can even quadruple the harvest. Regarding the increase in Mauritius Email List plant density, Lorite points out that in cases of severe lack of water, raising it by 30% improves the harvest by 15%. In the event of drought or water stress, it does not make sense to fertilize with high amounts, since the crop is not going to take advantage of it. “It is even counterproductive,” adds the scientist. As for pollination, very high temperatures do not favor it. “For this reason, an advance in the sowing allows it to be carried out in much more favorable climatic conditions”, indicates Ignacio Lorite. The advance of sowing has not occurred in the

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Mauritius Email List
Andalusian field for two reasons. First, when it coincided with the appearance of weeds, which previously had no treatment and now do. The second is climate. “It is not possible to make great advances in the sowing date due to rains and low temperatures, but in a context of climate change, these conditions will not be limiting”, explains the agronomist. Even without drought After six years of work, on farms in Carmona, Jerez and Córdoba, experts validate early planting as the best option, with or even without drought. “In both cases the results are very satisfactory”, concludes Lorite. The work has been practical and applied. “The results are fully usable by farmers and technicians,” says the engineer. The next phase will use all the knowledge generated to

know the behavior of sunflower cultivation under conditions of climate change. Likewise, the behavior of the different agronomic practices in the future will be evaluated. The study is financed by ERDF funds, and by the SUSTAg project, within the Horizon 2020 program and by the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA).The exposome is defined as the sum total of environmental exposure from the moment of conception. This definition aims to provide a holistic view of environmental exposure and its effects on human health by evaluating multiple exposures simultaneously during critical periods of life. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about it, but little research has been done to put the exposome idea

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