But Semantic Webhook works as a monitoring engine that goes much further and generates a detailed map of user actions using Javascript, gives them a semantic interpretation, learns and generates automated actions accordingly. You can see it in action by going to this demo page . Why Semantic Webhook is important for your e-commerce? For several things. First of all, it allows us to offer a new level of interactivity on the page that greatly enriches the user experience. And it’s proven that websites that provide a more interactive experience get more traffic, retention, and conversions.

Secondly, it is a very simple and efficient way to use big data in your favor, and thirdly, it serves to create much richer and more significant customer profiles. Webhook for your e-commerce? Then get in touch with us. At Xarvis, the Customer Behavior Company , we are committed to putting automation and big data at your service. If something characterized 2019, it was the feeling that, as soon as we had finished adapting to a new trend in marketing and automation , we already had a more efficient and competitive one on our heels.

Do You Want All The Advantages Of Semantic?

But that is precisely the magic of digital Albania WhatsApp Number List . And at Xarvis we are passionate about following all these changes in detail. For this reason, we want to start this 2020 by presenting you the five. Most important marketing trends that will determine who succeeds in the digital world. And who remains obsolete in the past. Take note! Omnichannel customer experience Achieving to provide their customers. With a great omnichannel experience is becoming the obsession of companies. That are spearheading the market.

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And with good reason, users now almost demand continuity. And total personalization in each of. The interactions they have with the brand, regardless of the contact channel. To achieve this omnichannel integration, it is essential to use the latest technologies. In terms of data analysis and automation, and the tools available are becoming more sophisticated every day. But this not only implies the work of a machine or a powerful artificial intelligence. But also standardize the objectives and methodologies. Of all areas of the company to the same goals focus. On the customer and their purchasing process .

Data Privacy Will Be Even More Important

To give an example: a cosmetics company has physical points of sale. Social networks, a website with e-commerce. A special app for its customers, a personalized e-mail marketing campaign. And also generates content of interest to all the stages of the funnel. And not only that. But all these elements work in synergy to take each prospect from. One stage to another, promoting a virtuous circle of communication and sales. That becomes part of the client’s lifestyle. The proper use of users’ browsing. Data has been a controversial topic for years.

As international policies in this regard are not yet fully standardized, it is still very common for media scandals to explode, such as those that affected companies of the size of Facebook and Google Plus in 2018 . But data is also now more than ever necessary to provide quality service to prospects . So how do you strike a balance? Companies in 2020 must be actively concerned with prioritizing and making explicit the informed consent of users, with investing in personal data protection strategies and with centralizing the first-hand information they obtain to prevent it from being misused.




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