There are so many tips . Ways . Ebooks that reach our hands (and eyes) through the Internet . That sometimes it is necessary to organize the information and clearly inform about what behaviors we must adopt to achieve good management. On social networks . In this case Facebook. This post is Greece phone number to help you transform the activity of the Social Media team into something beneficial both for the company itself and for the community of followers who trusted it. << Download free guide to learn how to attract customers with Facebook >> As we have promised .

We show you the 10 desirable behaviors that every company should have on Facebook . Which are the product of the analysis of our own activities . And our experience in the sector: be transparent It is repeated ad nauseam . But it seems that the scope of this fact and its implementation in the Greece phone number of social networks are still not well understood. Being transparent means being transparent in all aspects. We always say it in our tutorials: “before opening a page on Facebook . Buy yourself a big mirror and look at yourself for a long time .

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Discover your flaws in order to correct them and analyze your strengths to get the most out of them”. Discovering your defects before your customers do will help you first . To solve them and . If they cannot be solved or take time . It will help you defend yourself against possible criticism through said communication channel. NEVER delete a negative comment . Unless it is an insult to you or to third parties. Transparency implies Greece phone number how to face criticism with humility and responding to a negative comment in an appropriate way can serve to increase the followers of your profile and generate leads for your company.

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Be consistent Did you say that tomorrow you were going to announce the winners of the contest? Well . It’s tomorrow. Neither past . Nor today. In social networks . The written word takes on a very important value to generate trust in consumers . And to strictly comply and without half-truths Greece phone number you write on the wall or in a tweet. This can also apply if you have committed to resolve a question or criticism; just do it. Because if you decide not to do it . You can only generate a feeling of abandonment by your brand towards leads and customers.

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Be attentive It is imperative that your community manager responds to the comments on your Facebook wall . Otherwise the brand will give an image of laziness and of course . You don’t want that to be what your customers think of the company. But if your case is that you have a large volume of Greece phone number who comment and your team can’t answer them all . The solution is easy: hire more people . Consider it an investment to maintain a good online reputation of the company. If this does not convince you .

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