The second difference is the use of one and the other. – The logo is an image or visual representation of a company, a product or a service offered by a company, a company. The purpose of the logo is above all to create a visual association between a brand/company/company and a graphic. The logo includes a visual element (Like the apple is to Apple, what the blue bird is to Twitter) or text (Like Coca-Cola or Nikon) that relates to that same business or company . The logo is therefore used to identify a company, a brand and is used for the creation of products or services (All Apple smartphones have the bitten apple on the back. The illustration , on the other hand, is a drawing or an image that does not serve to represent a particular company.

Illustrations are used in books magazines

Represent and/or illustrate remarks, a text etc. The illustration has no specific purpose and can be created for various uses, it can be decorative, artistic, explanatory etc. The illustrations are also very detailed and precise and don’t render very well when put in very small sizes. Graphic Ghost Mannequin Effect designer blog The third difference is the memorization of one and the other. The illustrations are, as we have seen before, very detailed and precise and are therefore more difficult to memorize by a potential customer or user. They cannot therefore be used as a “logo” strictly speaking because they are too difficult to memorize and recognize. It would be too complex for a client or prospect to remember. Its marketing effectiveness would not be ideal as.

The logo must be ready to be used on different media

Ghost Mannequin Effect

The logo is also perfectly recognizable in small as in large size. While an illustration cannot be declined on any support. When printed, the rendering will often be worse than the original version. Whereas for a logo, it is important to make the printable versions look as great as the original version. Also, the illustration is often much more pleasing and successful in large print because the details are more visible. The Email Lists fifth difference is the format. The file format is not the same if it is a logo or an illustration. A logo is a vector drawing, which allows easier handling of colors and sizes without damaging the original logo. The logo is available in different formats such as PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF etc. Regarding illustrations.

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