According to a survey by Intel, 80 percent of respondents in the US. Would be willing to share health data anonymously to reduce healthcare costs. IoT Journaal mentions that the ANWB has been experimenting with an OBD monitor Canada WhatsApp Number List system in cars for a few years now. There seem to be 25,000 participants with such a box in the car driving around in the Netherlands. In exchange for a premium discount (from Unigarant, the insurance branch of ANWB the ANWB receives all data about the driving behavior of the motorist. It is of course the intention that a motorist shows safe driving behavior in order to be able to keep the premium discount.

Health Data Anonymously

Also read: Inspiration! 13 formats for content on social media ANWB also wants to share the data with the customer. The driver can rea in his app whether he is driving safely an where he can still improve his driving style. The insured also has complete insight into his life as a motorist in his app. Think of speed, route and times when he uses the car most often. 2. Better risk assessment Estimating the risks for insurers is becoming increasingly accurate on the basis of the big data already collected. Enriched with external big data and in combination with the use of drones, for example.

Canada WhatsApp Number List

Data Anonymously

Real estate insurers in particular are increasingly using drones. Some consultants estimate that drones can make insurance technicians’ workflow 40 to 50 percent more efficient. 3. More efficient claims handling By tagging the assets and equipping them with invisible sensors. And installing track-and-trace equipment, the recovery rate of stolen goods can be many times higher. A good example of this is Viloc .New business models IoT also offers opportunities for new insurance products. Think of cybersecurity insurance or usage-based insurance.

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