That can give you (as an SME) a ​​head start and give you a strong position. In a niche market, or even provide access to larger markets via the niche. How do I find my niche market? Discovering niches can happen by accident, perhaps even by a fleeting brilliance. But beware: that’s when it starts. Taking advantage of a niche often requires a lot of Thailand WhatsApp Number List research, daring to take risks (sometimes including product development) and patience – including persistent content marketing with the right focus. But then you have (created) your unique market! Taking advantage of a niche often requires a lot of research, the courage to take risks and a lot of patience. But then you also have your unique market.

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Harness the power of lovingly crafted content formats that truly resonate. With the content-based needs and shared personal interests of your niche audience. Distribute this in a recognizable way through relevant channels, hold on, and whoops. You may have brought your golden egg goose to life yourself! Some cases Learn from successful niche marketing aimed at left-handers, people who don’t like testing on animals or who like to get lost. Within a niche, focus on the benefits of user-generated content (UGC) to avoid content shock. Why? People are more sensitive to the affirmation or stories of like-minded people, or simply to people rather than companies.

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Such content is shared more, so your (indirect) reach increases, at decreasing costs. Need more inspiration?The Pickleball Channel case is a perfect example of a niche marketing strategy, which the relatively small producer of homeopathic medicines Hyland’s is behind. Creating awareness for a relatively unknown “tennis-like” sport proved to be a powerful catalyst for content marketing success, and growing Hyland’s brand awareness among major competitors. Active seniors are presente with varied and engaging content relate to ‘their sport’, and the results are astonishing.

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