Pillars for inclusive communication in 2022 ma Opt for a sustainable digital strategy like this In 2010, the now well-known Barcelona Principles were launched, in 2015 it was time for version 2.0. Clear guidelines, but they don’t offer Poland WhatsApp Number List concrete methods. To have a sense of success, measurability is crucial in any PR strategy. Especially now that you ‘compete’ with the online world. Tight reports, originating from the various analytics tools, increase the need for measurable PR. And rightly so, because how else do you know when to uncork the champagne.

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The good news is that this is possible. It’s just not that there is only one truth, one suitable method. Every campaign is different – ​​and so is the way you measure results. In order to create a little more clarity, in this article I offer a number of handles to provide insight into PR results. short vs. long-term strategy Whether you are rolling out a PR strategy yourself or looking for collaboration with an agency: insight into results starts before the start. In conversations I often notice that conversion is the magic word for the new generation of marketers. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but we shouldn’t confuse conversion and measurability.

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It may seem obvious, but clear objectives must be the foundation of an effective PR strategy. The total communication mix probably contains many components that should lead to conversion, but has thought also been given to what activities yield in the long term? Consider, for example, increasing brand awareness or strengthening a position of authority. No things that you measure on the basis of conversion. It is important to first discuss the short- and long-term goals with the management. You then adjust your strategy accordingly and determine the various KPIs .

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