KPIs such as CTR, bounce rate and CPA are useful, but especially for an (online) marketer and not a director who has more responsibilities. Example: 6 strategic KPIs In the example above, we have opted for 6 KPIs. Gross profit, sales and percentage in South Korea WhatsApp Number List shopping cart seem pretty clear to me. The percentage of supporting conversions as an acquisition KPI is already less common. This has been a conscious choice as a KPI, because it concerns a sales process with several clicks (contact moments) before the final sale. I can imagine that lead value requires additional explanation.

The Customer Journey

In this case, the webshop in question has an e-book with an explanation about the product. This is a very important micro-conversion for this webshop. We then linked a value to this micro-conversion. It is of course not a superfluous luxury for the director to know what an e-book actually yields. The marketing of an e-book is not free. Read also: Google Data Studio: this is how you visualize analytics [with handy template] Session quality could have been an alternative to % in shopping cart as a monthly KPI. You may be wondering: what is session quality.

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Customer Journey

This is a calculated statistic in Google Analytics based on artificial intelligence. Google Analytics gives each session a score of 0-100 based on user engagement such as pages viewed and interactions within the page. In Google Analytics you can see which channels are most likely to deliver a conversion: From operational to strategic KPIs This is one example. How can you get started with this? Take a critical look at your current weekly and monthly KPIs. Are these all equally relevant to your director? And not unimportant: talk to your director about the current objectives and strategy.

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