Google Ads assisting conversions Where do you find these assisting conversions? Conversions Multi-Channel funnels supporting conversions This gives you a realistic picture of the impact of all campaigns. The lesson here is: use KPIs to determine Venezuela WhatsApp Number List the true success of your main campaign types! Determine the success of your targeting strategy You have a lot of options within Google Ads to make your ads more visually appealing. Think of the extension options. But of course the basis of your campaign design remains your targeting. How many users within your target audience click on your ad? And what did these cost.

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In Google Ads, you can choose from several match types to organize your targeting. My advice is to determine the budget allocation for your broad and exact keywords in advance. Of course you don’t want to advertise only on exact keywords. Because you need input from your broadly typed searches to improve your campaign results. But how much should you invest in broad match keywords? I don’t have a ready answer to that. This partly depends on your marketing strategy. My advice is to reserve at least 50 percent of your budget for exact keywords.

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You have almost complete control over the targeting of your ads for your exact keywords. In Google Analytics, you can determine the results of your current targeting strategy via the ‘search match type’ dimension. What percentage of your budget do you actually invest in broad and exact keywords? And what is the conversion per match type? broad exact match keywords The above website invests more than 50 percent of its budget on exact match keywords. That’s a good thing, as these are also responsible for 86 percent of the target value (leads). Nearly 40 percent is reserved for broad and phrase keywords. However, the impact of these broad match keywords is very minimal.

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