There was therefore only one website that used passive consent. This website showed a small information bar at the bottom of the screen, stating that cookies were automatically measured when using the website. This notification could be Ecuador WhatsApp Number List closed (so that permission was automatically granted), but there was no option to disable cookies. Fortunately, this was the only example of a cookie notification that completely contradicts current legislation. Also read: Cookies: do you choose the law or your business model? Better cookie notifications: H&M and Nespresso “How should it be?” Of course you are now wondering.

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As mentioned above, there were only two websites where none of the three problematic cookie practices occurred. In figure 5 you can see the cookie notification from H&M. Screenshot of the H&M website. Figure 5. H&M cookie notice, obtained on 19-02-2021. On the positive side of this cookie notice, consent is clearly given voluntarily. Refusing cookies is just as easy as accepting cookies. The buttons are the same size, and the action you perform is the same.

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Discussed Less Often

You can also use the website on your desktop without responding to the notification, although it still takes up a lot of space on the left side of the screen. On mobile, this is effectively a mild cookie wall, because the notification takes up almost the entire screen. With Nespresso (image 6) the notification on desktop is even more pleasant because it is at the bottom of the page. This allows you to use the website better without responding to the cookie notification. Again, this only applies to desktop users, because on mobile the notification is so large that it takes up almost the entire screen.

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