of the second study , told Sinc. and scientist from the Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich (Switzerland). Until now, these microorganisms had been used to answer the question of what these microscopic living beings that inhabit the ocean are capable of doing, from a metabolic point of view. “Now, in this work, we plan to go one step further and try to address not only what are their metabolic capacities, but which of them are used, that is, what they do and not only what they are capable of doing”, adds the scientific. Years of study aboard a sailboat Salazar Guiral’s connection with the Tara Oceans expedition dates back to 2012, during the development of his doctoral thesis at the Institute of Marine Sciences (CSIC) in Barcelona, ​​when he

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embarked on the sailboat as one of those in Mexico Phone Number List charge of taking the samples on the Bermuda-Azores route, one of the many that have been carried out in the main oceans of the planet. More recently, the ETH-Zurich group – in which he currently works and which is led by Professor Shinichi Sunagawa – has led the analyzes of the data that make the work published in Cell possible. “The study that we make available to the scientific community today comes from marine samples taken in the main oceans of the planet, from 64º S to 80º N latitude, with special emphasis on sampling the Arctic Ocean , a relatively unknown ecosystem that it is especially affected by global warming, compared to the rest of the oceans ”, argues the researcher. How they respond to

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climate change Their work was based on examining metatranscriptomes – the collection of all RNA molecules in a cell – which gave them access to the genes that were actually being expressed, that is, used by cells. “By combining both metagenomes and metatranscriptomes , our objective is to learn whether these communities adapt to the environment by regulating the expression of their genes or by changing these communities, that is, the substitution of certain species. for others ”, explains Salazar Guiral. One of its objectives was to know if microbial communities adjust to environmental and temperature variations with changes in their composition, or with changes in gene expression patterns within these communities. One of its objectives was to know if

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