industrial growth models for the country. It is about laying the foundations for a new industry oriented towards sustainable mobility, which is adapted to the environment of the 21st century, which is competitive and has a strong export and internationalization vocation. The action will be carried out through the Chamber and the Virtual Llotja, the forum promoted by the Chamber to promote the generation and exchange of ideas among the business community, from where entrepreneurs and companies, foundations, associations and other collective models can send projects. related to the mobility industry that look to the long term, that have a future and that place Catalan industry in the world. The presentation document must define your

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significant pressure on the largely unspoiled Cayman Islands Phone Number List natural environment, which needs to be controlled. It is important to continuously monitor the effectiveness of the different tourism management strategies and instruments, such as the standards of behavior and guidelines for visiting sites adopted by the Antarctic Treaty, which try to minimize the impacts of this activity on the landing sites. . “Our research proposes a model to carry out this function, fundamental for the sustainable management of Antarctic tourism, based on the experience accumulated in other world protected areas, such as the Galapagos Islands”, explains Javier Benayas, one of the authors of the study . The purpose, therefore, is to evaluate the effectiveness of the guidelines set for

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tourist visits on Barrientos Island, one of the most popular and most visited enclaves in Antarctica. In the first part, the work carries out an extensive inventory of the island’s biodiversity and its ecological values ​​are described, showing that Barrientos Island has the third greatest biological wealth among the 15 most visited sites in the Region of La Antarctic Peninsula. Next, we evaluate how tourism is affecting the biodiversity and environment of this place, and how the Guidelines for Visitor Sites and other management measures are helping to control these impacts. “The data obtained allows us to confirm that these instruments have been positive and valuable in providing guidelines to regulate visits to the island. However, the information

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