the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution and which is led by the CSIC researcher Damien Devos , reflects on current data about the origin of life and exposes a new vision of evolution and the relationships between the 3 domains of life, where the branch that leads to the appearance of eukaryotes and archaea derives from the Planctomycetes bacteria , a concept very different from what was established in the field of study so far. Evolution of the representation of the tree of life. The tree of life with 3 and 2 ancestral domains (left and center). The tree on the right proposes a single bacterial ancestral domain where the archaea and eukaryota branch leaves the PVC branch. The Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya domains are colored red, blue, and

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green, respectively. How did LUCA originate? Where we Indonesia WhatsApp Number List come from? This is the million dollar question for evolutionists and one of the questions that has always fascinated humanity. However, the answer is complex, so to rebuild the past you have to start at the beginning. Living organisms can be divided into two types: prokaryotes and eukaryotes . Prokaryotic organisms, like bacteria , are the most ‘simple’ forms of life, little pockets of molecules with little internal organization. In contrast, eukaryotes are more complex, with larger cells organized into various compartments, including the mitochondria that provide energy and the nucleus that contains genetic material. How one originated from the other and how they evolved is one of the biggest questions in

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biology . “Darwin taught us that we are all related through our ancestors, that humans and monkeys have a common ancestor, that birds, reptiles and mammals are related,” says Damien Devos. Darwin’s thoughts have inspired many researchers trying to reconstruct the first cell, the first ancestor of life or the last universal common ancestor , namely LUCA . Two or three ancestral domains? At the end of the last century, Carl Woese discovered archaea , a third domain of life within prokaryotes. Archaea resemble bacteria but are closer to eukaryotes in terms of organization, maintenance, and expression of their genetic material. “Determining the relationships between the 3 domains of life has fascinated biologists ever since,” says Devos. Recently, a

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