Big brother is watching you! Therefore, pay attention to the following pillars when it comes to advertising: Don’t make it too personal. Make sure the advertising is always appropriate. Advertising for a wood-burning stove on the website Morocco WhatsApp Number List of a crematorium is not desirable. Make sure the banners are not too conspicuous and too personal 7 take aways from the Data Driven Commerce Event Customers expect more and more, the trick is to put the customer at the center of your organization with heart (love) and hard (data). Keep personalizing your webshop to make it as pleasant as possible for the customer.

To Take A Certain Action

Positive Google Ads numbers? Great, but perhaps consumers will also come to your page without an advertisement for certain keywords. Test, test and test some more! Do you have almost no conversion via mobile? Do not freak out! The consumer mainly uses this channel for orientation. Ultimately, the purchase is usually made on desktop. Bring all your data in one place, analyze this data and use the results to improve your communication, webshop and campaigns. Make sure every customer understands how your product or service works.

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A Certain Action

Doesn’t work? Can you optimize with a tool? Do you want to collect data from your customers? Make sure that the customer sees the added value of sharing. It’s time to deal with data overload in the right way. How do you approach this? Much has been said and written about Cialdini’s 6 principles of persuasion. But much less i known about its successful application. Earlier I described how you can make the principles of liking , scarcity and authority work for you. This time I’m going to talk about reciprocity and how you can use it. Chances are you already know what the reciprocity principle is and how it works.

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