You must implement an attractive title . So that users are curious to read the post. Once they have entered the publication they will find a call to action that you must place throughout the entry. The fact that you publish this will get you to get more traffic to the blog and the web through search engines . Increasing your online reputation. 2| Incorporate images with a link to your website The messages that you share on Facebook that Mexico phone number an image arouse greater commitment from users than those that do not . So in order for you to achieve your goals . Keep this in mind when publishing.

You must not forget to incorporate the link that you want to be displayed through the image that you have shared . Always using a shortened URL. 3| post videos It is a good idea to include videos in your disclosures on the platform in which you casually share the offers . Events . Contests or interactive blogs that you can think of doing in order to obtain a better online reputation and generate more traffic both on the web and Mexico phone number the social network. As before . In the description you must include a link with the CTA you want . Facebook gives more relevance to videos uploaded directly to its platform and they will achieve greater reach. 4| Run contests or sweepstakes Users love free things .

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So to attract followers and get some information from them that you need . Carry out these actions. For example . In order to obtain data from potential customers . You can make a video in which . After seeing it . They must click on the link that you provide them and thus fill out a form to enter the Mexico phone number or raffle. Before you do this you need to make sure that Facebook allows you to do this as they have been taking steps to make it more difficult to run them due to liability issues. 5| Conference event page If your goal is to increase customers . You can give a seminar on some of the competitive advantages of your company; It will provide you with a large target audience.

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When making an event page and publicizing it through invitations to clients and potential clients . You can attach a form that has to be filled out for the registration of the event. At the same time you can . To make it even more visible . This network allows you to create ads for the desktop just like you use the events tab. 6| Boost your posts with ads In order for all of the above actions to reach a larger target audience . It is worth Mexico phone number an advertisement for one or more actions from which you want to obtain a greater volume of response. Through these ads you can segment the reach . Making it really reach users who might be interested .

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Always keeping in mind your budget limit so as not to waste it . In 2015 . The option for users to register to receive these notifications via mobile phone was incorporated in order to make it much easier to fill in the fields of the surveys via mobile. 7| Pin certain content In order for a certain post or Mexico phone number to have more visibility and become viral . You can pin it to the top of your home page. With this measure . That information will remain anchored at the beginning of the profile’s timeline for 7 days. 8| Include a call to action to link to your website In 2014 . It was already possible to include a call to action button at the top of the pages dedicated to business .

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