Keep it simple and reflect: no complicated bureaucracy. Work cyclically and persevere: don’t fall into old habits. Take small steps and start today Jirtsin mainly looks in his book from the perspective of large organizations with a board, MT and corporate staff. What I miss in his book is a more open mind for SMEs. It could have been a little Iceland WhatsApp Number List more specific for me. After all, how exactly do you ensure that you retrieve information from the organization? And who does that? How do you ensure the best composition of a team? That is why this book is very suitable for someone who works in a larger organization.

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Do you work in an SME? Then it certainly gives nice insights, but it is a bit too little practical. The examples in the book make the story very concrete. To grow into an agile organization you don’t have to change everything all at once, but you can also take small steps. See where you stand as an organization, where the biggest obstacles and obstacles are and solve them. Then you can take the next step. As owner or management, in any case, set a good example. I am convinced that flexible and agile Ready to start with the basics to determine your visit quality.

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The how and why of session quality Session quality is nothing more than an indicator of the number of relevant visits to your website. These are users where you have a higher than average chance that they can generate conversions. Bounce rate is part of this, but no more than that. You also have to include the visiting time and the pages viewed. And of course the chance that this type of user will generate a conversion. This is all in the ‘session quality’ metric. How does Google Analytics do this now? Google Analytics gives each visit a relevance score of 0-100.

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