Use actionable (buyer) personas Do you want to structurally devise, create and distribute content that contributes to the achievement of strategic objectives? Then understand the emotional and behavioral triggers and habits of your customers and prospects within a prioritized market segment. Get to know them very well, on a constant basis. Being able to work with well-constructed buyer personas as quickly as possible is what you should always want. This applies to any content marketing project. But be critical. The right personas do what they need to do: specify.

The Business Value

So that you do not focus on the people to whom you can (eventually) sell sell something, but pre-eminently on the people to whom you would also very much like to sell sell something. That’s a big difference, can you feel it? To be clear: you should not be satisfied with demographic variables alone, because you often already have insight into these via Tunisia WhatsApp Number List your market segmentation data. What moves the personas? What you do have to prioritize for B2B and B2C are so-called actionable buyer personas. That can be 1 or several. During their entire customer journey, provide insight into what actually moves people in your target segment (niche or not), how they think about you, what exactly they do and want to avoid, what makes them anxious or stops them, what they love most would have been helped.

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Content Marketing Efforts

So you often have to invest in in-depth target group research, with time or money. Rest assured, there is a method available for every wallet. It is already possible with a few online tools or through a small series of in-depth interviews. Keep digging until you come across specific, actionable insights that you can link directly and indirectly to your services. Find that unmistakable match between your offer (or brand DNA) and the needs of a demarcated customer group that is demonstrably valuable to you. Those are the necessary brackets for personalization-oriented content marketing, in every phase of the sales funnel. Example: Virgin Atlantic Below you can see an example of a pretty well-developed actionable buyer persona from Virgin Atlantic.

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