Mygalomorphic hatch spiders are robust, hairy-bodied spiders that live in tubes protected by a small door camouflaged in the ground, from where they surprise their prey. This group, with sixteen families and more than 2,600 species, including tarantulas, is of great biogeographical interest: its low dispersal capacity means that its distributions reflect the geological and climatic vicissitudes that occur in the places where they live. Along these lines, a UB study has shown the origin of the Nemesia , a genus of mygalomorph with a Mediterranean distribution. According to this work , published in the scientific journal Journal of Biogeography , the Nemesia originated in the Iberian Peninsula and settled in the Balearic Islands due to land bridges that in successive geological moments connected or disconnected the islands and the continent.

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This scientific work, led by Professor Miquel A. Arnedo and Dr. Elisa Mora, from the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences and the Biodiversity Greece Email List Research Institute of the UB (IRBio), is also signed by researchers Angeliki Paspati (UB-IRBio), and Arthur E. Decae, from the University of Ghent (Belgium). A colonization in two phases More than 11 million years ago, the ancestors of the current Balearic Nemesia extended from the Betic mountain range to the territory that would eventually disintegrate to form the current islands. The UB researchers have used genetic molecular phylogeny techniques to establish the evolutionary relationships between the Nemesia of the Islands and the peninsular ones, and have compared the results with the tectonic movements, well established by geology, that shaped the Mediterranean orography.

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. «The first fragmentation occurred during the Tortonian marine transgression – between 11.6 and 7.2 million years ago – when the ancestors of some of the species that were distributed in the continuous mass that constituted the Balearic Islands were isolated with Betica. Between 5.9 and 5.3 million years ago, the islands were reconnected with the Peninsula due to what is known as the Messinian saline crisis, that is, the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea that followed the temporary closure of the old corridors that connected with the Atlantic Ocean », explains Miquel A. Arnedo. The glaciations open the way to Menorca This temporary reconnection of the islands was the route by which a genus of nearby mygalomorphic spiders – Iberesi a – reached Mallorca, and later, Menorca. “During the quaternary ice ages, the ancestors of Iberesia took advantage of

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