No significant difference between the groups? Then the people who landed on your website were probably already specifically looking for you, which makes an advertisement for this keyword superfluous. Time to test! The power of data, AI and personalization Op  Op Voordeelshop 98% of webshop visitors are real Dutch. What do they do then? Look, look and don’t buy.  Dion Fokkema, e-commerce manager Op Op Voordeelshop. The focus Malta WhatsApp Number List of the Op Op Voordeelshop is on optimizing the campaign process. While most campaigns take six to eight weeks to roll out, Voordeelshop has the campaigns live within two weeks. Not least because of the Data Management Platform of Shopping Minds.

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A piece of javascript in the website of the webshop gives Shopping Minds the opportunity to quickly perform A B tests. Some results: A pop-up to the right of the page? +21% conversion Personalized product offering? +28% conversion Show competitor prices +32% conversion The key to the success of Op Op Voordeelshop is managing the data from stores, webshop, CRM, apps and all other channels. The results of this data are then processed in the folders, e-mail campaigns, webshop optimization, video TV and mobile.

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The positive effects of an online advice tool – T-Mobile ”I really don’t understand those internet packages. It says that I have to choose between 50Mb and 200Mb, but I just want enough internet for 2 people!” – S. de Vries, customer T-Mobile T-mobile T-Mobile focuses, partly because of the customer feedback above, mainly on the tool they have developed when ordering internet packages. The goal is to make a product that is difficult to understand for everyone understandable. Customer-centric– there it is again – T-Mobile has simplified the ordering process so much that even the oldest customers could order the packages without difficulty.

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