By doing so, passers-by automatically feel a certain pressure to make a reciprocal concession. By completing the ‘shorter’ questionnaire, they were no longer indebted to the employees Always make sure that you can offer people mul getting started Singapore WhatsApp Number List with account-based marketing ma Gas in exchange for privacy: new EU & US deal on personal data ma 3 crucial pillars for inclusive communication in 2022 ma Opt for a sustainable digital strategy Insurance and Internet of Things (IoT) are a very interesting combination.

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Traditionally, the business of insurance is based on solidarity and statistics. Depending on the types of insurance offered, the income comes from premium payments (and in the case of health insurance from government contributions, at least in the Netherlands). The largest groups of insurance are health insurance, life insurance, motor damage insurance, property damage insurance, other specific non-life insurance (such as for bicycles, yachts, hobby and finally business, commercial non-life insurance. Since insurance premiums are calculate on the basis of statistical data, one can conclude that an insurance product is one of the first products based on big data analysis.

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Saving costs Through IoT-enriched data, insurers can save costs. For example, in the following ways: 1. Better damage prevention Seriousness an frequency. Of damage can be limite by commercial motives. The granting of such a commercial incentive, for example, depends on the policyholder’s willingness to wear IoT sensors himself. Or to install an IoT sensor in on his insured assets. The insured must also be prepare to share the collecte data with his insurer. Data in exchange for a discount According to a survey by Intel, 80 percent of respondents in the US. Would be willing to share health data anonymously, in order to reduce health care costs.

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