We recommend that they be rather short-term since if you are not achieving them you can modify the tactics to try to achieve them. To check if your promotion campaign is being effective . You must define and select your KPI’s well . Selecting the most appropriate performance indicators for each channel you use . Achievable and realistic. Do not get excited about trying to achieve something that you surely know is Denmark phone number for your company at that time. For this reason . Whatever actions you decide to carry out . It is important that you focus them specifically on getting closer to your buyer persona . That ideal client that you have researched .

Analyzed and segmented that will provide you with more quality interactions and with whom you will achieve a conversion . You reach the customer segment If your Denmark phone number marketing team really knows the company’s target audience . It will be easier for them to direct their efforts to create relevant content . Manage campaigns and interactions via email or social networks . It will help you generate higher quality web traffic . Capture leads . Get a better online reputation . Increase the number of followers and ultimately create a community .

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ROI Following the digital strategy that you have previously elaborated . Your advertising campaigns on the Internet are specifically aimed at people who can really make a purchase of the product or service you offer . The investments you make are going to be much more effective and you will see Denmark phone number those investments are returned and using . As time goes by . Fewer resources of your company. As a final piece of advice . We will tell you that you will surely come across leads that do not meet your buyer persona criteria. You must establish your commercial strategy very well and those unqualified leads to follow in your buyer journey .

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You must treat them differently in another workflow and with other complementary objectives . Which will provide you with a brand image . Traffic to the blog or future contacts. Now that you know the importance of having a buyer person in the digital marketing strategy for your business . What are you Denmark phone number for to create your own? Recently . Twitter has been in the spotlight . Since the news broke that the microblogging social network had received purchase proposals from companies such as Google . Salesforce or even Disney .

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But today we are not going to talk about these rumors but about its new Twitter Dashboard tool. Twitter dashboard is a free tool designed primarily to help companies connect with their customers at all times. The functions it offers are similar to those offered by the Hootsuite social network Denmark phone number tool . But with greater limitations . Fewer functionalities and less evolution . Since being a specific tool for this social network . It does not allow viewing of other profiles. In social networks that the company has. Twitter tries to deal with these platforms and thus retain its users within its environment .

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