There are many of you who know the benefits of using social networks as a tool to promote your products or services. But it should be noted that knowing the insights or motivations of our target audience is one of the keys to better targeting our communication strategy Cambodia phone number marketing. Having a previous study of the characteristics of the consumer will help us to better segment so that our advertising campaign is successful. But continuous analysis is in the DNA of digital advertising and we need to know the behavior of our target to detect the “micro-moments”. ” that generate more interaction or that bring them closer to the objective of our action.

We invite you to read and obtain more information on how to integrate the strategy in social networks in your company with the Free Guide that you can download here. That said. We have good news. As Twitter has launched ‘ Twitter Insiders ‘. In order to help you in this aspect of audience analysis and improve your platform in the business world. What benefits does this new Cambodia phone number have? It is a perfect market research tool for all those who are looking for clients in new fields or simply want to optimize their advertising campaigns . We will no longer have to wait for the campaign to end to assess the results. We will be able to see the data live.

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So that the message can be refined as the campaign progresses. How does it work? Twitter Insiders is already an investigation network made up of 12.000 individuals over the age of 16 in the US and England . The visual part is made up of an anonymous Cambodia phone number panel that inspires companies to make decisions with their customers in mind. Thus helping to avoid uncertainty by providing qualitative. Quantitative and social information. These selected users allow researchers to observe precise behavior patterns without having to resort to information sources such as surveys. Through different techniques such as: focus groups. Video diaries or eye tracking.

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Twitter Insiders What types of analytics does Insiders have? Long term projects (more concrete): Ranking by experience. It allows us to classify in two ways: through purchasing patterns in different sectors (grocery. Automobiles. Entertainment. Fashion. Beauty…) Or by different audience segments (millennial mothers. Teenagers. Gamers…) Real-time behavior and events. We Cambodia phone number look at what users are experiencing and how they are using Twitter at different events. Throughout the year (Olympics. Oscars. Black Friday) or take a look at past events in order to gather information for future opportunities. Market entry strategy . It explores the states of perceptions and preferences .

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From product development to movie premieres. In order to help in its positioning. Featured Insights. It offers a vision beyond the social media comments about the brand. It focuses on the real reason for the opinions or comments of the users. Short term projects (more generic): Campaign evaluation . Track consumer response to Twitter campaigns over time. We will obtain Cambodia phone number that will allow us to optimize our campaigns and specify our message. Strategies on winning ground . We will have access to consumer behaviors . Attitudes and perceptions . Obtaining such privileged information can be a perfect weapon when launching a product or service.

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