Amborella, which suggests that the avocado genome has undergone two processes of complete duplication of its genome, “explains researcher Alejandro Sánchez Gracia (UB-IRBio). These recent tandem duplications are implicated in avocado adaptive metabolic responses to attack by fungal pathogens, the authors note. “In parallel, those duplications that originated during the complete duplications of the genome – and that are still maintained due to natural selection – seem to be involved in basic aspects of the physiology and development of the plant”, indicates Sánchez Gracia. Discovering the phylogenetic tree of angiosperm plants Still today there are many unknowns about the origin and evolution of the avocado plant, a species that

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belongs to the group of magnolias. The work published now outlines a new scenario to know the phylogenetic position of avocado in the evolutionary tree of angiosperms, especially in Mali Email Lists relation to some eudicotyledonous species of great economic interest in world agriculture, such as coffee ( Coffea ), tomato ( Solanum ) or the vine ( Vitis ), which share more genetic components with each other than with avocado. In this group of plants, the diversification process was very rapid and this has made high-resolution phylogenetic analyzes of these species difficult. Through an exhaustive phylogenomic analysis of nineteen species of angiosperms —with different molecular markers—, the new work reveals that the avocado plant is a sister species to

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both monocots and eudicots (coffee, tomato and vine). “The only genetic components that all these species have in common would be those that define all angiosperms and differentiate them from gymnosperms and seedless plants,” underlines researcher Pablo Librado, ex-doctoral student at the University of Barcelona and co-author of the study, currently a member of the Center for Geogenetics at the University of Copenhagen and the Natural History Museum of Denmark. From genomic libraries to bioinformatics software created at the UB Different genomic libraries and sequencing technologies have been used to sequence the Mexican variety, such as the bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) cloning vector or Illumina’s HiSeq platform,

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