Based on what search engines say, companies are more or less inclined to choose resources to be included in their workforce. Google, on the other hand, is a mine of information available from anywhere in the world (or almost) and from any technological support. Just think about the daily routine of our SERPs. Do we need a new pair of shoes? Are we looking for a last minute flight for a short romantic getaway? There is no better search engine assistant than Mountain View.

How to Manage Our Online Reputation

We should not be surprised, therefore, if even recruiters decide to investigate the web Portugal Phone Number to search the profiles of the CVs received, to compare what has been told with reality, to take a look at any jobs published online. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a recruiter; once they receive our resume, they just type in our name and see what appears. For this reason, the first thing to do to manage web reputation is to  . Are we among the first results? Do we have homonyms? What do you find in the first two pages? For an in-depth research we can also go further, but usually users do not venture beyond the third.

What to Do if You Don’t Appear on Google

Portugal Phone Number List
Portugal Phone Number List

What we need to in a nutshell we have to make people talk (positively) about us, about our person from a professional point of view and make sure that we make content travel that puts us in the best light. We have to think of ourselves as a real brand, perhaps registering a domain with our name and surname, opening specific social accounts, one on all LinkedIn.

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