Kst mention ‘pure im’. Ultimately, it is important to check the results and manually check whether a link has already been placed. Isn’t this the case? Then you can write to this website for a backlink. In the example above, we find out that Ghana WhatsApp Number List interior consultant Laura’s Advies has made a portfolio page of the interior design of the Pure Internet Marketing office. In this case with backlink. Website crawling Because a website can consist of hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pages, it is not possible to check every page manually. That’s why you can crawl your website with a tool like Screaming Frog.

Differences Between Sectors

You can easily gain insight into the following after a crawl of your website: Length of the meta descriptions Too short or too long? Reason to adjust them. Title tag length Too short or too long? Reason to adjust them. Content H1 title For example, does this contain the correct keyword? Source of Error Pages Discover broken links on your own website. 301-redirects Which pages are currently being redirecte? Google Search Console The tool that should not be missing from this list is a tool from Google itself: Google Search Console. By installing this, you immediately get more insight into your website from Google. For example, you can see for which keywor you are found and how many people click through to your website.

Ghana WhatsApp Number List

Between Sectors

This data is not completely complete, but it does give you more insight into your site. In addition, Google Search Console shows you what is going wrong on your website. By entering an XML sitemap, you show Google which pages to index. He will then check these pages and if, for example, a 404 page arises, it will return in Google Search Console. In addition, the tool indicates from which page the link is mad to the 404 page, so that you can solve the error. SEO is not a one-time, but ongoing Hopefully I was able to make it clear to you that SEO is something that you will always be working on. After all, your website is always under development.I can imagine that you want to apply the above tips to your own Google Ads results. You learn more from your own Google Ads evaluation than just reading this blog.

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