Up to 25% On average, 12% of the sales of the companies whose data was analyzed are a direct result of automation with SALESmanago, although those who have best used the tool can see an increase in conversions of up to 25%. Do you also want these results for your business and your online sales? Then get in touch with us. At Xarvis, the Customer Behavior Company , we are direct partners of SALESmanago and we have what you need to maximize the return on your investment in digital marketing today.

Don’t rest on your laurels during peak seasons, and don’t resign yourself to diminishing your sales flow during low seasons. With marketing automation you can get the most out of your business throughout the year. November 19, 2019Uploaded by Assul2Posted in Marketing Automationviewed 820 times 10 automation tips to face peak seasons Nowadays, automating your digital marketing strategies is the best bet to obtain the highest return on investment.

Automating With Salesmanago

But the work does not end by Armenia WhatsApp Number List a great automation. AQnalysis and CRM system that combine. And enhances the efforts of your marketing and sales areas, you also have to put. Your campaigns in tune depending on how high or low the commercial season your business is facing up. Today we are going to review ten very useful automation tips for your company. To make the most of peak seasons. Without further ado, let’s get to it. 10 marketing automation tips for high seasons Follow these recommendations. So that the dates of intensive consumption do not catch you off guard. And you do not miss a single opportunity.

Armenia WhatsApp Number List

Boost your customer service with marketing automation. More orders also means more customers who may be disappoint. And go with the competition forever if you make a single mistake. Take advantage of automation to put an emphasis on customer service and avoid having to deal. With one clarification or complaint after another. Use a chatbot You may be overwhelmed with your sales. And service executives for most of the year. But during peak season you probably won’t be hiring more staff to answer phones and emails.

Keep Your Client Informed If You Send Automated Notifications

A chatbot on your site and/or in your social network messaging. Programme to solve the most common questions and assist the user with orders. Can save your team a lot of work. In addition, it is a permanent ally that, with the right machine learning software. Will make things much easier for you throughout the year. Although these tools are extremely useful. It is important not to abuse them and believe that they replace humane and personalize treatment. Perhaps this is one of the main myths of Chat Bots. And the reason why they have fail in many organizations.

To your client informing them that the existence of their order has already been verifie in the warehouse, that it has already been sent to the route, that it is on its way and even the estimate delivery date and time, you will save many calls from follow-up and plenty of time. This strategy is quite proven, if you don’t believe us, take a look at how Amazon, the giant of internet sales, keeps its users up to date on every detail relate to the delivery of their orders. 3.- Update your inventory You must estimate the increase in sales that you will experience during the high season, and your inventory must be ready to face it.





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